First German Medal in London 2012   Foto: picture alliance
Viertelfinale in London gegen Brittas chinesische Freundin Li Na   Foto: picture alliance
Full power on the fencing piste!   Foto: picture alliance
Dramatisches Halbfinale gegen die Koreanerin Shin A Lam   Foto: picture alliance
Britta nach dem dritten Siegzuspruch im Halbfinal-Krimi   Foto: picture alliance
Shin A Lam nach ihrem verlorenen Protest   Foto: picture alliance

erster Fechtanzug mit Bruder Gerrit
London 'Degen synchron' Sportfoto des Jahres 2012 (Foto Laci Perenyi)
Reporterin China TV
Kinderträume DFB (Foto TSV Bayer 04)




Golden Triple

Britta Heidemann, born in 1982, lives in Cologne, Germany. After having started out as swimmer and as high jumper in her childhood, she came into contact with fencing only at the age of 13. As member of the German National fencing team she has been one of the most successful fencing athletes within the last decade. The Olympic Champion of the Beijing Olympic Games of 2008 also became World Champion 2007 and European Champion 2009, won three Olympic medals and eleven medals at World Championships.

Beijing 2008 Olympics

At the age of 15 Britta Heidemann experienced Chinese people, language and culture living with a Chinese family in Beijing for several months. A dream came true for her winning Olympic Gold at the 2008 Beijing Games.
Heidemann accompanies delegations visiting China, e.g. business delegations for RSBK strategic consultancy. In 2009 she traveled Asia with the German Soccer Team, in 2011 she supported the “EU-China Year of the Youth” as an ambassador. She also joins political delegations. In 2012 she accompanied the former German Foreign Minister, Guido Westerwelle, as special ambassador to celebrate 40 years of diplomatic relations between China and Germany. The China expert gives speeches or presents events with China-related topics.

Dramatic semifinal London 2012 

The world will remember the dramatic semifinal from the London Olympics of 2012. Britta Heidemann fenced Corean Shin A Lam, setting the final hit after a struggle with the timing in the very last second. Millions of people from all over the globe joined the sit-in of the Corean fencer that took more than an hour. In the end, Britta Heidemann was declared as winner of the match and thereby secured the first medal for the German Team at the London Olympic Games.



After having received a diploma in Regional Sciences of East Asia (focus on China and Business Administration) Britta Heidemann works as business consultant, speaker on topics such as „success“ and „motivation“, as M.C. of shows and TV programs and organizes fencing incentives/workshops. Her book "Fortune is a matter of Attitude" (first published in 2011, reissue in 2016) describes what fencing can teach about life. In 2014 she published a second book named “Welcome to the Kingdom of Contrasts. A close-up view on China” together with her brother Gerrit describing her experiences with China and its people. Britta Heidemann started working for ARD, Germany ́s largest public television network and i.e. reported live from the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup for them. Before the World Cup, she interviewed German Soccer players such as Lahm or Schweinsteiger for CCTV 5 "Go, Brazil, Goal!”. Also, she hosts evening events, opening ceremonies or Galas as M.C. in German, English or Chinese.


Social Engagement

Britta Heidemann supports different social projects for young people and works as an ambassador between Europe and China. She is an IOC-member and member of the IOC ahtletes commission, member of the chair of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) as well as member of the board of trustees in the trust of the German Football League (DFL). She is also an ambassador for "Sports and Development" for the German Ministry of Development. Since 2014 she is member of the Sino-German Dialogue Board (Civil Advisory Body to the German Federal Government) and represents the German-Chinese Business Association (DCW).